How to improve wood shaving machine work effiency?

Publisher: Tina

23 Mar,2018

When the wood shaving machine is working, it is generally based on the length and diameter of the wood to feed.wood shavinbg machine factory

 Processing usually starts at a suitable length, and if the wood is too long, we also need to process it in sections. Nor does it mean that the shorter the better, if the wood is too short, there will be collisions of the log sections at both ends, and the more collisions, the more the end face will be damaged. If it is regular, it will also affect our efficiency in sorting and using. If it is serious, we will not be able to use it normally.

Therefore, during processing, it is necessary to ensure the proper length, minimize the impact between logs on the chip machine, we must ensure the number of end impact, one of which is the wood shaving machine's high energy efficiency equipment, improve the operating efficiency of the wood shaving machine is the most important. Yes, we must ensure the dry humidity of the wood, but also pay attention to seasonal issues will also affect the peeling efficiency of wood.
We generally reduce the slice depth and increase the number of cuts to change the operating efficiency. Another point is the sharpness of the cutting tool, the maintenance of balance performance, proper adjustment of the feed rate, avoiding the loss of balance between the blades, only these After the basic conditions are completed, the wood shaving machine can improve the efficiency. A slight carelessness can lead to poor peeling effect, and improper operation for a long time can cause damage to the equipment.
Knowing these information, we may improve our wood shaving machine work effiency.

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