Customer Made Wood Crusher

Publisher: Tina

28 Mar,2018

In different industries, the requirements for the thickness and size of wood shavings are also different. As a manufacturer of specialized wood crusher, our wood crusher machines can be adjusted according to customer needs. Here's why our crusher machine supports customization.
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The key to support to customize of our wood crusher is to adjust the spacing between the knife and bedknife, and at the same time, improving the quality of wood shavings.
1.According to the use of wood shavings; generally there are no specific requirements for the size of wood chips after processing in paper mills, but according to customers in different regions, the toughness of raw materials wood, customize different wood crusher.
2.According to different raw materials: Drum wood slicer wood crusher can cut small wood, board skin, slats, etc.  And the cut wood chips can be used as raw materials for fiberboard and pulp.
3.Too thick (250mm or more) Too thin (below 30mm) Too short (to be less than 250mm) Too thin (below 5mm) and irregular raw materials (undecomposed stumps, tree ridges, etc.) Insufficient uniform cutting function.
4.The wear of the knife; the knife has several edge, according to the model will be different, generally we are 6 edge, after a long period of use there will be a certain amount of wear, you need to sharpen, this time Need to add coolant to ensure sharpening stability.
If you have great interests in our wood crusher, please feel free to contact me. Very happy to do more for you.
Any problem you can contact freely,or visit website freely.

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