Why choose our wooden spoon making machine?

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28 Feb,2018

Why choose our wooden spoon making machine?

Nowadays, more and more people realize the importance of daily life safety and hygiene, so more and more people tend to use wooden spoon. With the growing market demand, many people want to invest in the wooden spoon making industry.
 wooden spoon making machine foe sale
We are professional in the wooden spoon making machine industry, if you have the interest in the wooden spoon making, visit our factory, we will try our best to meet your needs.
Then, I will introduce our wooden spoon makine machine:
The wooden spoon making machine is totally including 8 machines, each machine palys an important role in making the wooden spoon, and also each machine can be customerized according to user’s real needs. The raw material usually birch, and also other kinds of wood material.
The working steps of making wooden spoon:
Saw raw material wood to segment-steam boiling wood segment-rotary cutting to wood plate-punch cutting to wooden spoon shape-drying and polishing these wooden spoon-ordering wooden spoon -chamfering wooden spoon edge-wooden spoon bundling.
Our wooden spoon making machine also can be used for ice cream sticks, wood match sticks, coffee stirrer etc.
In our factory, we have advanced quality assurance system, perfect quality assurance system, excellent economic benefit and social benefit, so as to obtain a good reputation of the vast majority of users. We have a perfect network of after-sales services that allows users to quickly enjoy our considerate services.
Gelgoog company has many years export experience of in machinery. We have outstanding quality control personnel as well as well trained technical workers. By constant technical exchange with well well known firms of the same line and also by introduction of advanced management into our company ,we have established a strong quality guarantee system.
If you have great interest in our wooden spoon making machine, please feel free to contact me. Very happy to do more for you.
Any problem you can contact freely,or visit website freely.

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