Tongue depressor production line introduction

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28 Feb,2018

Tongue depressor production line introduction
All of us have used the tongue depressor, and then doyou know how does the tongue depressor make? In order to let people know more information of the tongue depressor production line, in the passage, I will show you the whole tongue depressor production line.tongue depressor production line price
As a tongue depressor making machine supplier, our factory have the rich experience in making the tongue depressor, all of our customers praised for our machines.
The tongue depressor production line including 8 machines, the machine as following:
1. Tongue depressor Rotary Cutting machine.
2. Tongue depressor Carve Cutting machine.
3. Tongue depressor Rotary Drying Machine.
4. Tongue depressor Chamfering Machine.
5. Tongue depressor Selecting Machine.
6. Tongue depressor Branding Machine(Double Sides).
7. Tongue depressor Bundling Machine.
8. Tongue depressor Knife Grinding Machine.
These equipment have novel structures and good quality. The raw material of the tongue depressor is wood, most of our customers use the birch, also you can choose any other wood materials. These machines is simple operation and high production efficiency.
The work folw of tongue depressor production line:
Saw raw material wood to segment-steam boiling wood segment-rotary cutting to wood plate-punch cutting to tongue depressor shape-drying and polishing these tongue depressor-ordering tongue depressor-chamfering tongue depressor edge-tongue depressor bundling.
If you want to know more information about our tongue depressor production line, please feel free to contact us, we will provide the most suitable service for you.
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