Why choose our ice cream stick production line?

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01 Mar,2018

Our ice cream stick production line is similar to the toothpick production line, the chopsticks production line, bamboo or wood stick production line, in other words the ice cream stick production line is multi-functional. In order to help you know the ice cream stick production line in detail, the text show you the details, reading these information carefully, you may know more.
 ice cream stick making machine cost
The introduction of the ice cream stick production line:
The Ice cream sticks are made of high quality birch wood harvested from FSC certified forests. They are complete natural,  healthy and food safety, and suitble for machine use.
1.Firstly we should prepare the timber to at least 50cm length ,8cm width ,and 3.5cm thickness.
2.The finished ice cream sticks is usually with the specification:φ5.5mm,length 240mm.
3.The above machines make the whole producing line :Capacity:170,000pcs/8h for making round ice cream sticks,need 4-5 workers. Power:380V industry electric .electric consumption about 10 degrees /h.
4 .Our machines can use the leftover materials from Wooden furniture factory and Wooden crafts factory or undersized tree to produce different specification round chopsticks .
The featurers of our ice cream stick production line;
1. Muti-functional. The production line can be used for many different kinds of products, for example chopsticks.
2. Large capacity. The production line can produce the ice cream sticks 170,000 pcs/8 hours.
3. Easy to operate. Both men and women can operate the machine easily.
4. Save manpower.The whole production line only needs 4-5 workers.
If you buy our ice cream stick production line, you will receive the best service of our factory supply. After you bought our machine, we will provide the lifelong time service, the service as following;

1.Receive customer's advice, opinions and complaints about our mechanical equipments through the public telephone number, mail and other ways.
2.The service staff shall take the warm and polite attitude in accordance with the standard language, and do not allow the feedback or complaint of any one customer to be slow down.
3.Our service staff will give the fastest and satisfactory reply to each customer's incoming calls, messages and visits, and make comprehensive arrangement of valuable Suggestions and actively adopt them!
4.We are quick to deal with the opinions or complaints from the service centers and customers, and inform the customers of the results timely to let them know our efficiency.
If you need further information about our ice cream stick production line, please contact us freely, we will do our best to cooperate with you. Our contact information is as follows:
Any problem you can contact freely,or visit website freely.

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